National Institiue for Health and Clinical Excellence

Annual Review - 2009/2010

Out and about

NICE has a field-based team of seven implementation consultants who travel the country to help organisations put NICE guidance into practice, to promote NICE’s online support tools, and to gather feedback on how NICE works.

Examples of feedback the Field Team received in 2009/10

  • NICE influences clinical practice heavily there are few instances where clinicians disagree with NICE recommendations.

    Trust Medical Director
  • I didn't realise that NICE did so much.

    Chair of Local Authority scrutiny committee
  • We take NICE very seriously. All commissioning plans try to build NICE guidance in.

    Primary Care Trust Director of Commissioning
  • NICE guidance is like a bible. It tells you what you should be doing... and is a very useful tool in changing practice.

    Head of Midwifery

During 2009/10 the implementation consultants made 617 individual visits to a variety of organisations, from local authorities to ambulance trusts.